Archery in the SCA comes in two forms – Target Archery and Combat Archery. Both groups promote the enjoyment and practice of archery in the barony, study the practices, equipment and standards of archery during the period covered by the SCA, and trains archers so they may assist in the defense of the barony. General archery practices are held at various locations and times in the barony and cantons. We shoot bows and crossbows, and we can provide loaner equipment to get you started, show you how to choose the best equipment for you, and even teach you how to make your own arrows.

Target Archery takes place by appointment at the home of Peter the Red and Arlyana van Wyck in Carlisle, and by appointment at the home of Ygraine of Kellswood and Li Kung Lo in Natick. Please see the Baronial Calendar or reach out to one of the above for details.

Anyone interested in target archery in Carolingia is welcome to join our Archery email list.

For more information, you can contact the Archery Marshal for the Barony.

Please also see the Company of Bowmen website.

Archery Champions of the Barony

The selection of Baronial Archery Champions was begun by Baron Aquel and Baroness Johanna. Anyone who wishes to compete for the honor must accept the Champions Agreement (which appears on the Champions page).

Date InvestedEventName of Champion
9/12/1996Legends of Chivalry IKrakken Gnashbone
9/13/1997Legends of Chivalry IIYgraine of Kellswood
6/27/1999Duncan Stewart
10/7/2000Alison Winter
7/14/2001Rowan Elfhame
7/13/2002Peter the Red
7/12/2003Colin Ursell
7/10/2004Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Duncan Stewart
7/10/2005Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Yaacov Ben haRav Eliezer
7/9/2006Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Li Kung Lo
7/8/2007Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Eva Woderose
7/20/2008Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Preston of Aschehyrst
8/23/2009Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Isabella of Glastonbury
8/29/2010Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Ygraine of Kellswood
8/27/2011Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Colin Ursell
8/25/2012Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Alec Craig
8/31/2013Colin Ursell
4/4/2015Carolingian Baronial InvestitureKobayashi Yutaka
8/29/2015Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Cathain Reiter
8/27/2016Carolingian Archery & TW Champs.Kobayashi Yutaka
9/15/2018Falling LeavesAleksei Dmitriev
9/14/2019Falling LeavesPeter the Red
2/11/2021Gathering of FoolsRichard Heyworth (shooting in Oct.2020)
4/3/2022Sojourner van Haarlem (shooting in Oct.2021)
9/9/2023Carolingia 50 Year CelebrationTimothy of Sherwood