We’re no longer meeting at MIT for the Fall of 2013. We are meeting at the Cambridge War Memorial (1640 Cambridge St in Cambridge), from about 7:15 until they kick us out at 9:15pm, on our usual Wednedays. Due to the cost of the space, we’re going to have to ask for donations, with a reccomended amount of $5 per person (or $30 to cover an entire semester).   We are also shifting to an every-other-week model.  We’ll be meeting the following Wednesday’s:


Month Pattern First Meeting Second Meeting
September Even Weeks 11 25
October Even Weeks 9 23
November Odd Weeks 6 20
December Odd Weeks 4 18



(In the map, the location is the red block, with the proper entrance marked.  The green lines are possible parking. Click to view a larger version of the map in a new window.)