Order of the Comet

The Order of the Comet of Carolingia is granted to children, fifteen years of age and under, or at the discretion of their Excellencies, who enhance the Barony through their service, arts and scienced, or martial pursuits. All inhabitants of the Know World fitting the age requirements are eligible for this order, provided only that their activities have been of special benefit to the Barony of Carolingia. The insignia of the Order of the Comet of Carolingia shall be: Azure, a pall wavy between three comets fesswise or.

Date of InductionEvent of InductionName of Inductee
9/12/2020Falling LeavesJasper of Carolingia
9/12/2020Falling LeavesRose of House Strangeways
9/12/2020Falling LeavesAlex di Bardi
9/12/2020Falling LeavesIddo Planchet
9/12/2020Falling LeavesValerie of Carolingia
9/12/2020Falling LeavesNathaniel of Carolingia