Baronial Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2015

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  1. Officer/Guild Announcements
  • Chatelaine: Aaradyn Ghyoot

There has been a lot of communication (and re-communication) with newcomers.  Many have had mundane issues arise but still express interest.  There will be a Fit ‘n’ Fix party in the winter with focus on the “Fit” for Gold Key.  Seamstresses will be wanted for the party.

  • Liber: Dreda

The new edition of the Liber will be out next month.  If you have not received information about this and feel you should have, please contact Dreda as soon as possible.

  • Autocrat: Eadgyth

The Baronial Thrown Weapons and Archery Championship event was a great time for all!  His Excellency will announce the new champions shortly.  The event itself had 101 attendees, 18 of whom were non-members.  As a donation event, we received $500 in donations, and are expecting a $50 refund from the site due to a room in our rental agreement being unavailable that day.  Expenses were $642.66.  A donation site could be done again, but a smaller site would be recommended to reduce expenses.

  • Justin du Coeur:

The Academia Della Danza continues the reenactment of the Gresly manuscript this summer on Tuesday, October 20th.  All are welcome.

  • Mara:

There will be weekly short session dance practices for 7 weeks.  There will be every Wednesday in October and the first 3 Wednesdays in November at the Oak Square site.  The first 2 sessions will draw on the playlists for the upcoming event in Quintavia.  For more details, please watch the e-mail lists for notifications.

  • Jonguelers: Matilda

If you would like musicians for your next event or gathering, please contact Matilda. Please factor in about a 2 month lead time into your request for scheduling purposes.

  • Quire: Eowyn

Monthly practices resume this month.  Practice will be September 21st at 8:30pm at Melville Keep.  The theme is currently seasonal songs (including hunting and war songs), but please contact Eowyn with other ideas if desired prior to practice.  Also, if you desire singers at your next event or gathering please contact Eowyn.  Be aware that the more lead time provided the better for scheduling.

  • Storytellers: Sir Michael

The next Storytellers gathering will be on September 28th from 7:30 – 9:30pm at Michael’s house in Arlington.  This will be in preparation for the upcoming bardic challenge event (Winter Nights) at Camelot.  All are welcome!

  • Gold Key: Guinemer d’Anglade

If Gold Key garb is desired at an event, please contact the Gold Key or Chatelaine in advance of the event.  Preferred amount of lead time is about 1 month, but the closer to an event it becomes, the more difficult it is to ensure garb gets to an event.

  • Canton of the Towers: Chelsey of Gloucester

The next Project Day for Towers will be on September 20th from 3:00 – 5:00pm.  We will be making a metal die, limit of 10 people.  Potluck supper to follow.  Please bring a dish, nothing with pork!  Archery & thrown weapons practice will also be happening earlier in the day.

  • Calligraphers: Aaradyn Ghyoot

The next meeting of the calligraphers guild will be on October 11th at 1:00pm at Aaradyn’s home in Revere.  There will be a lesson on source finding with visual aids.

  • Baron Colin:

As previously mentioned, there are new Baronial champions!  Pandulf is the new Thrown Weapons Champion.  The new Archery Champion is Cathain, a student of Li Kung Lo’s.  Congratulations!!

2.  Events/Proposals

  • King & Queen’s Bardic Championship: Ulf

This proposal would be for the event named above.  This event would be at the German Club with a hot dayboard and no feast.  Tentative event date is January 9, 2016, with a backup date of January 23, 2016 and February 6th as a last resort.  Site fees are still being worked out and an agenda is being worked out with Their Majesties.

A concern was raised by Eadgyth that in the past, winter events at the German Club can become very cramped depending on the size of the event due to limited indoor space.  Ulf noted the largest crowd for this event in the past has been 150 people, and that the site could get crowded with that many people but has been doable in the past.

This proposal was seconded and approved pending a budget submission, which is due October 1st.

  • New Signs: Dreda

The current Baronial directional signs for events have fallen into a state of disrepair.  Dreda is proposing the construction of sandwich board signs with spinning directional arrows.  They would be 18 inches by 4 feet, yellow with blue lettering.  Budget request is for $100 for 4 signs.

Baron Colin requested Dreda be given $200 to make additional signs, motion was seconded and allowed.  A reminder from the Exchequer: proposals greater than $250 require prior approval from the finance committee.

  • Artifacts of a Life: Jehan

There are currently 12 contestants entered and 15 judges signed up.  Help with setup and cleanup are still needed, please contact Jehan.

  • Winter Nights: Sir Michael

Dayboard is organized.  We are still in need of a parking czar.  Those interested please contact Sir Michael.

3.  Announcements

  • Quintin: Regional fencing practice will be on December 19th from 12:00 – 5:00pm. There will also be belly dancing.  All are welcome!
  • Eowyn: There is a scroll needing transport to River Wars. Please contact Eowyn if you are able to transport this.
  • Eadgyth: There is a medallion also needing transport to River Wars. Please contact Eadgyth if you are able to transport this.
  • Asher: Thrown weapons practice in Framingham will be on Friday nights until it is too dark to continue. The thrown weapons practice on Sundays in Carlisle is usually open until Thanksgiving for those interested.  Also, for those interested in having thrown weapons at an event, please contact Asher.
  • Justin: The dates for Intercon (a LARP convention) have been changed to February 20th for those interested due to a hotel change.

4.  By-Laws Voting

Proposal 1: Change the required time to announce council from two weeks before the meeting to one week before the meeting.

No change.

Proposal 2: If an officer steps down before the end of their three year term, their replacement may either finish out the term, and start a new three year term.


Proposal 3a: During Baronial elections, Round 1 is mandatory, allowing non-paid and out-of-barony members a chance to voice their opinion on the new Baronage.


Proposal 3b: Grand Council will hold a vote on the order that the top five candidates will appear on the ballot for the Baronage.

Neither proposal passed, no change.

Proposal 4a: Anyone who feels they are a member of Carolingia may hold an office in Carolingia, as allowed by EK law.


Proposal 4b: People not residing in Carolingia may hold an office (other than seneschal or exchequer), as long as there is no one in barony who wishes to hold the office and Council approves it.

Proposal 4a passed.

Proposal 5: Language in the statutes pertaining to the orders is consolidated into one statute rather than three.

No change.

Proposal 6: Eliminate the polling requirement for the Baronial orders.

No change.

Proposal 7: Refining the definition of autocrats versus officers.