Great Council Minutes Dec AS LVIII (2023) 7:30 PM

Coronets Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman:

It seemed like a short month since our last council meeting. But I am glad that we have events s cheduled and planning.


Seneschal Lady Aaradyn Gyoot

Jan council will be Mon Jan 8th to avoid New Years Day.

Curia is virtual again this reign, and will be on Thurs Jan 18th and Thurs Feb 1. I will be sending information to the e-mail list and would like to hear your thought.

Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers: Lord Thorvald Olafsson Kveld-Hrútssonar

Virtual canton meeting, December 10th at 7pm.

Secretary Lord Donato Favro

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Chancellor of the Exchequer Kara Irini bin Todori

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Chancellor Minor Vacant
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Chatelaine Master Justin de Coeur

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Golden Gryphon Pursuivant Richard Heyworth:

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Gold Key Lady Ysabel da Costa

No Report

Knight Marshal Valerian of Somerset

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Minister of Arts & Sciences Meisterin Cathain Ritter

No Report

Web Minister Magister Symon of Barnesdale

No Report

Chronicler Master Gunðormr Dengir: Ysabel.
I will be stepping up as of January, and we are working together this month to bring me up to speed.

Dance Lady Aelia Fortunata

No Report

Historian Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy of Alewife Brook

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Liber Editor Lord Orlando dei Medici

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Marshal Fence Lord Zohane Faber

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Marshal Archery Master Peter the Red
No Report
Marshal Thrown Weapons Lady Dierdre Greenwode

Pandaulf: Thank you for a great throwing season. Remember to use the offseason for weapons repair, to prepare for the spring.

Minister of the Lists Lord Trentus Nubianus

No Report

Steward Lord Zohane Faber

It’s been a year since I started trying to find a replacement, or a reasonably priced location for storage. I really need to have the stuff out of my basement, so I would like to move it to a storage unit at least temporarily. Frithuric has looked at some pricing, and I will be happy to make the needed trips to get it moved.Gudrun: I have a storage at the u0haul on the medford-somerville line, just off mystic valley parkway. Reachable by public transportation. I am moving out of a nominal 6×6 space that is 117.90 a month, but it has an extra 4×3 space because of the shape of the unit. I have it rented through the 11th of this month. If the barony does not take over the unit, I will let it lapse. If the Barony does take it over, I am willing to be the steward. You back up to a loading dock, 5am-10pm, it has a freight elevator. It is on the 5th floor, but no stairs are required. They also have carts available.
Frithuric: How often do we take large amounts of stuff out.

Gudrun: With myself and the event person, we could handle 4 carts worth of stuff.

Q:How are we on finances?
A: Irini: We have approximately $21,000 presently, so this is not an immediate issue. But this cost should be considered in event schedules. John Voudalakis: The space can also get crowded and inaccesible during college move in and out. I wouldn’t expect to be a problem, but its something to be aware of.
Arylana: Is it month to month or is there is a commitment.

Gudrun: We can do month to month, or prepay.
Donato: $1400 a year is not trivial.

Irini: Is there any savings for paying in advance?

Gudrun: I have not checked, but in the past if you prepaid for the year, you got one month free.
Aradyn: Any objections.


Zohane: There are a few things that we might want to discard. Unpainted canvas or old coffee urns.
Irini: Gudrun and Aradyn should circle back with me offline to make sure we make the payment.

Clerk of the Stable Etain ingen Ut Neill

No Report

Social Media Officer Lady Caterina Genevra Beltrami

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Principals of Baronial Orders
Frithuric: Read the order membership online, and notice who isn’t there.

Order of the Daystar Lord Guinemar d’Anglade

If you know someone you would like to nominate for the Daystar (Service) please let Their Excellencies or the Principal of the Order know! You do not need to be a member to nominate someone for the Order.

Order of the Moon Lady Eleanor Catling:

Eleanor Catlying: I am in my third year as principal of the order. I am happy to remain in the role, but I if anyone is interested, let me know.

If you know someone you would like to nominate for the Moon (Arts and Sciences) please let Their Excellencies or the Principal of the Order know! You do not need to be a member to nominate someone for the Order.

Order of Perseus Lord Pandaulf:

If you know someone you would like to nominate for the Perseus (Martial Activities) please let Their Excellencies or the Principal of the Order know! You do not need to be a member to nominate someone for the Order.

Order of the Comet

Lord Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch and Stephanie Leatherfoot L’Huissier

If you know a youth you would like to nominate for the Comet please let Their Excellencies or the Principals of the Order know! You do not need to be a member to nominate someone for the Order.


Low Company Master Justin du Coeur


Calligraphers Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot:

Waytes Lady Ysabel da Costa
The waytes continue to meet most Mondays. We are talking to Quintavia about playing at their dance practice a week from Tuesday. We will be also playing at the Reconnaissance ball at Arisia in January, and we are always open to new members. Especially for Arisia, which is a very large event. Vis, in particular is looking for a drum understudy.

Needleworkers Guild:

We have a meeting coming up next week.

Foresters Guild:
Our next meeting will be Dec 30th in Wooster from 2-5. The last meeting was excellent.


Winter Nights Peregrine and Colin: I am the event steward, and Colin is the deputy for Winter Nights the Saturday after Birka. I am here to talk about what is going on, and who we need to carry them off. The competition for court performer will occur there. We are trying to get a recording coordinator who will deal with authorization for recording, and for posting recordings. Both are optional. Then we will have a videographer who will do the recording. We need a lead for setup, cleanup, gate crew, parking coordinator. We have the lists from the last time we did this event. We would like a stage manager for great hall setup, announcements, etc. Things I, as the host, cannot do. Decoration coordinator. A tabulator. And a judges coordinator to make sure there are enough judges for each performance. We are talking to a couple of people for dayboard. There will be a presence from I Sebastiani (The Greatest Commedia del’Arte Troupe in the Entire World), the current court performer.
Any questions?

Aaradyn: Peregrines e-mail is on the event site if you would like to reach out.

KSMO: Please make sure to send me copies of those forms.

Otters Welcome: Astrid: We got the bid approved. We have already started reaching out to people. Ysabel will be handling pre-reg. Solveig will be handling merchant coordination, please reach out. There will not be a fee to merchant. So far we have commitments from chatelaine, thrown weapons and heavy list. Our next step is to work on promotional information. We want to get to out to colleges that will approve promotion, game stores, etc. We will continue using the QR codes from 2022, with mutiple links to the event, the baronial website, etc. Any other suggestions are welcome. We will be contacting other baronies. We will be having ambassadors again, so please reach out to Justin if you are insterested. A&S champs will occur at otters Welcome.
Donato: Fire?
Fire is alright as long as its contained.
Reach out if you have any questions.

If there are events you would like to hold next year, let us know. Including champions events.

General announcements:

Archery is continuing on Sundays 10-1, and open to scheduling at other times, contact peter to schedule. As long as it’s safe to attend, we will have shoots.

Ysabel: We will be trying to have a fiber arts night at Wednesday night fighter practice. Interest in continuing will be gauged.

Michael Tighe? I have been the head of the storytellers guild, so if anyone wants to step up, let me know. Otherwise I will be attempting to get it active again with warmer weather.

Peregrine: The westford chorus has a concert this saturday, and includes historical holiday songs