Great Council Minutes June AS LVIII (2023) 7:30 PM

Great Council Minutes June AS LVIII (2023) 7:30 PM

Coronets Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman:

Ice Cream good.

The event last month went well, it was good to see people, we gave out some awards.


Seneschal Lady Aaradyn Gyoot

July council will be delayed one week for the 4th of July. It will be on Mon July 10.
No council in Aug due to Pennsic.

Sept council will be delayed one week due to Labor Day.

Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers: Lord Thorvald Olafsson Kveld-Hrútssonar

No Report

Secretary Lord Donato Favro

No Report

Chancellor of the Exchequer Kara Irini bin Todori

No Report

Chancellors Minor Baron Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch and Stephanie Leatherfoot L’Huissier
No Report

Chatelaine Master Justin de Coeur

No Report

Golden Gryphon Pursuivant Richard Heyworth:

No Report

Gold Key Lady Ysabel da Costa

No Report

Knight Marshal Valerian of Somerset

No Report

Minister of Arts & Sciences Meisterin Cathain Ritter

No Report

Web Minister Magister Symon of Barnesdale

No Report

Chronicler Master Gunðormr Dengir:

No Report

Dance Lady Aelia Fortunata

Dance practice last week. The last dance practice of the spring will be this Thursday. Look for the email or FB post.
The dance season went well. Keep your ears open for plans for the fall.

Historian Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy of Alewife Brook

No Report

Liber Editor Lord Orlando dei Medici

No Report

Marshal Fence Lord Zohane Faber

No Report

Marshal Archery Master Peter the Red
Archery practice continues on Sunday in Carlisle.

Marshal Thrown Weapons Lord Pandaulf

Thrown weapons practices continues every Saturday in Framingham.

Minister of the Lists Lord Trentus Nubianus

No Report

Steward Lord Zohane Faber

Zohane is looking for a replacement. Please contact Zohane or Aradyn.

Social Media Officer Lord Ludovic of Carolingia

No Report

Principals of Baronial Orders 

Order of the Daystar Lord Guinemar d’Anglade


Order of the Moon Lady Eleanor Catling:

The Order of the Moon is the Baronial Arts and Science Award.

We inducted new members at Otter’s Welcome: Zhigmun’ Czypsser called Zippy.

If you think you are a Companion of the Moon and did not receive emails from me last month around the time of our last meeting, please email me at

If you know someone you would like to nominate for the Moon please let Their Excellencies or me know! You do not need to be a Moon to nominate someone for the Order. We do have pending inductees for coming events so be prepared to welcome new Moons soon.

Fortunata is organizing a Moon sponsored A&S display at the Carolingian 50 year event in September.

We still would like to do the Moon Prize Toruney at 50 year, but there have not been any challenges. The deadline is this Thursday. PLEASE sign up. Send them to the EK Fortunata’s email address. Write in Aelia Fortunata and it will come up.

Order of Perseus Lord Pandaulf:

Two members were inducted at Otter’s Welcome: Albrecht Østergaard and Zhigmun’ Czypsser called Zippy.

Order of the Comet Theo of Carolingia



Low Company Master Justin du Coeur

The next meeting of the low company will be this Friday. Trick taking card games. Maw. 3-10 players. Meeting at Symon and Deirdres. Details to come. There is supposed to be dinner at 6:30, RSVP if you want dinner.

Waytes Lady Ysabel da Costa

Waytes will play at dance practice Thursday, and there will be open music jam on Saturday

Needle Workers:
We are still looking for a new guild head.


Otters Welcome: Fiore:

The event happened on a rainy chilly Saturday. We were able to hold most outdoor activities for at least some time. 37 adults 7 youth, 1 child prereg. 36 box lunch. 16 newcomers. 12 went through thrown weapons. 15 got a token in court.. Net income $77.43. Everything went well especially for an event with short planning and poor weather.

Rapier Champs: Frithuric:

Will be happening this Saturday 10-6 at regional fighter practice. There may be some lawn games. Music. There was supposed to be a post revel at their excellencies, but it may be moving due to a new septic tank. Details to follow.

Tasha: Is the event dog friendly?

Fiore: We will check up on that.

Tasha: Will we have goldkey for newcomers.

Frithuric: We will reach out to goldkey to try to have a bin available.

And I will bring some basic tunics for people.


Frithuric: We will be mostly outside, but there is an interior activity hall that is used for fighting and fencing during the winter that will be available for people who would like to be indoors.

50 year: Lady Katla of Vybog: No updates today.

Eeowynn: The historians office has been asked to put up a historic display. If anybody has any other interesting ideas of items that should be in the display, please contact me.

General announcements:

Ysabel: There is also a great drum of Carolingia, in the possession of the Waytes.

I am looking at autocratting an event, possibly this winter. I am considering the University of Carolingia.

Justin: Newcomers night on the 4th Monday of each month. If you know of new folks who might be interested, sent them my way.

Arylana: Peter obeyed her excellency’s orders, and won Consort’s champion of Archery.

Fiore: There will be a Baronial camp at GNE. Please feel free to join the Barony.

Eon: 22nd June, Melee at the normal fencing practice.