Great Council Minutes Apr AS LVII (2023) 7:30 PM

Great Council Minutes Apr AS LVII (2023) 7:30 PM

Coronets Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman:

Hello. We had a fabulous time at cornonation. Welcome to our newest Pelican Valerian, and newest Baron Trentus Nubianus. New small events will start popping up. Some announcements today. Otherwise, go out there and do the things.


Seneschal Lady Aaradyn Gyoot

Welcome to the first hybrid meeting of council.

I have a Deputy! Sugawara no Naeme has stepped forward and will be my Deputy with a desire to also be my successor at the end of 2024.

Christof (Clock) and Stephanie Leatherfoot L’Huissier have stepped forward as chancerlors minor.

We have a new deputy webminister Elspeth of Ruthven, who will step up to webminister in 6 months. We have a new social media officer Ludovic of Carolingia.

The company of bowman is abeyance due to a lack of captain in some number of months.

As our Kingdom Seneschal emailed out this morning, and as our Queen stated publicly in Their Majesties’ first Court: Consent is not optional. Consent is not implied. Consent is not given unless they say yes. Do not touch without consent. Check the seneschal’s website for further info.

Policy amendment proposals were sent out on the 31st, they are available on the barony website, and in your e-mail. They will be discussed since the end of meeting.

Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers: Lord Thorvald Olafsson Kveld-Hrútssonar

No Report

Secretary Lord Donato Favro

No Report

Chancellor of the Exchequer Kara Irini bin Todori

Been a while since the last update. The finance team had a meeting, and came up with a small non-events budget. We ended last year just shy of 16,000 in cash, with 400 net income. Now almost 17,000. There are only a handful of budget items that are not events. Fighter practice is usually offset by fighter donations, but the barony has an initial outlay. So far we got it back from the pandemic. Baronial Coronation roses. Insurance $50. $50 per annum for guilds and officers. Jongleurs Guild has almost $500. Ysabel: We use it for livery periodically, so the excess will be used in the future. Net expenses 1082. Usually enough from events to have retained earnings.

Chancellor Minor Baron Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch and Stephanie Leatherfoot L’Huissier
No Report

Chatelaine Master Justin de Coeur

No Report

Golden Gryphon Pursuivant Richard Heyworth:

No Report

Gold Key Lady Ysabel da Costa

Gold key has found a home for overstock inventory with quintavia, and it’s now down to 3x3x6 feet of bins. Orlando may be interested in taking over as goldkey, and Ysabel will be moving on as Chronicler in January.

Knight Marshal Valerian of Somerset

No Report

Minister of Arts & Sciences Meisterin Cathain Ritter

No Report

Web Minister Magister Symon of Barnesdale

We have an up to date website. Elspeth is stepping in as a new deputy, as my old deputy is now the kingdom social media officer. I will be stepping down as baronial web minister in 6 months when I step up as kingdom.

Chronicler Master Gunðormr Dengir:

The march issue of the miniscule is headed your way tonight. This is the 5th of my 8 issues. Ysabel will be stepping into the position after my term ends. There is a space on the website for the archive of the miniscule, but it has not been used because the miniscule used to contain private information. I am proposing that we post the new ones going forward that they go online.

Dance Lady Aelia Fortunata

First couple of dance practices have had fantastic turnout. We hope people will continue to come. You don’t have to come every week, but we love to see you. Dance practice is happening this week. We are aware it conflicts with passover, so if you have otherthings to do, we will see you next time. Usually time and place. The Waytes will be performing this week, so you will have a chance to dance with live music. Thursday, presentation school community center in Brighton. 7:30-9:30. It’s on the T.

Historian Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy of Alewife Brook

No Report

Liber Editor Lord Orlando dei Medici

No Report

Marshal Fence Lord Zohane Faber

No Report

Marshal Archery Master Peter the Red
No Report

Marshal Thrown Weapons Lady Dierdre Greenwode

Symon speaking for Dierdre. Thank you for everyone who participated in the survey. Results were in favor of Saturday in Framingham, so we will proceed. Dierdre will be the central region thrown weapons deputy, so let her know if you are interested in stepping up.

Minister of the Lists Lord Trentus Nubianus

No Report

Steward Lord Zohane Faber

I have not heard from anyone who wants to take over Stewardship. There will be a cleanout of damaged or unused items, shortly, so there will be fewer items.

Clerk of the Stable Etain ingen Ut Neill

No Report

Social Media Officer Ludovic of Carolingia

Ludovic of Carolingia is taking over the role of social media officer. He would love more input from the community. Please provide him suggestions or content.

Principals of Baronial Orders 

sOrder of the Daystar Lord Guinemar d’Anglade

Please recommend people you think should be part of our order, you don’t need to be a member to do so. (Service)

Order of the Moon Lady Eleanor Catling:

We will have our next meeting on Wed Apr 12 virtually. A notification will be sent to the e-mail list. Please send eleanor your e-mail address if you have not been receiving notifications.

Please recommend people you think should be part of our order, you don’t need to be a member to do so. (A&S)

Fortunata is helping organize a moon sponsored A&S display at carolingia 50 year.

Order of Perseus Lord Pandaulf:

Please recommend people you think should be part of our order, you don’t need to be a member to do so. (Martial)

I will be setting up an order meeting soon. I will be stepping down as principal at that meeting. Someone has already stepped forward, but other applicants are welcome.

Order of the Comet

Please recommend people you think should be part of our order, you don’t need to be a member to do so. (Children)


Needleworkers needs a new guild head.

Low Company Master Justin du Coeur


Calligraphers Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot:

Waytes Lady Ysabel da Costa

Waytes are meeting regularly on Monday nights. Anyone who would like to be on the mailing list, please send a message to

We will be meeting this Thursday at dance practice.


50 year:

We will start asking for volunteers for 50 year soon. We’re trying to have a big event, so we will need to have a lot of volunteers. The more people we have, the lighter the load per person. We’re pretty much set on the hotel block, information will be out soon, but their Majesties are being given first dibs.

There will be a hafla. There a pass de arms for heavy list AND fencing, run by Trentus. All e-mail contacts are on the EK event page.

There will be kids activities run by out new chancelor minors.

Otters Welcome: Her excellency is proposing an otters welcome. We can get the same site for the same budget as last time (despite prices having gone up). EK archery is that same weekend, so a marshal, will be there. We need a marshal for thrown weapons, and any other people interested. We will be promoting heavily on facebook.

A flyer will be going up in all the social media outlets and old fashioned posters at colleges and such.

Justin– The weekend before is the watch city steampunk festival.

Katerina– I have free printing at school, and can bring flyers.

Her excellency has free printing.

Fortunata– I can put flyers up at the presentation school, and probably other places in brookline.


Rapier Championships: His excellency is proposing that Carolingia rapier champs be run Sat Jun 10th at the central region fencing practice in Framingham. Same budget and such as last year, about 40 people for break even. Outdoors. This is the same day as Novice Schola in Bergental and Equestrian champs in Iron Bog.

Justin: It’s a reasonable concern, but probably not a deal breaker given the size of the event.

Amendment Discussion:

30 minute limit due to room.

Amendment 1

One word changed

VI. Policies Amendments

  B. The proposed amendment will be published on the website and via official channels within three calendar days of the Great Council meeting where the proposed amendments are distributed.

    1. If the wording of the amendment changes during the discussion at the Great Council meeting where the proposed amendments are distributed, the revised wording is due to the Seneschal no more less than 24 hours after that meeting ends.

Amendment 2

Change to terms of Office

This proposed change brings language within the Carolingian Policies in line with East Kingdom law.


I. Officers

F. Terms of Office

1. Terms of office are three years for guild heads and officers.

3. There is no maximum number of terms an individual may serve in one position


I. Officers

F. Terms of Office

1. Terms of office are three years for guild heads and officers, unless otherwise specified by East Kingdom policies for that office.

3. There is no maximum number of terms an individual may serve in one position, unless specified by East Kingdom policies for that office.

Justin: EK law overrides, so the amendment is unnecessary.

Amendment 3

This proposed change makes it a requirement that a preliminary budget be presented to the Financial Committee for review and the event be formally voted on at Council before a site contract can be signed for an event.


IV. Events

C. Prospective autocrats shall submit or present a “proposal” for the event to the Great Council and a budget to the Finance Committee for consideration.


IV. Events

C. Prospective autocrats shall submit or present a “proposal” for the event to the Great Council and a budget to the Finance Committee for consideration. A site contract for the event may not be signed until the proposal has been approved by the Great Council and at least a preliminary budget reviewed and accepted by the Finance Committee.

The rest of that section “After the event proposal is approved:” becomes IV.D., and renumber from there.

Justin: I don’t object, but there have been occasions in the past where a pressing need has caused us to move more quickly.

Aaradyn: We’re trying to move away from that

Hannah: If this had been in effect, would have been able to approve the fencing thing. Multiple: Yes, because no contract has been signed.

Do we wish it to mean approved or received:

Eadgyth: I proposed it as accepted, because is received is iffy with date stamped e-mail. Accepted means the finance committee has at least seen it, and there hasn’t been an accidental unexpected burden.

Irini: Council can vote on it before the budget is given to the finance committee.

Eadgyth: The intent is to give the finance committee a chance to catch major things without restricting flexibility enough to get the site contract signed to meet deadlines.

The seneschal has the flexibility to not sign if the budget is a problem.

The finance committee does not have an approval role as things stand.

Amendments 4

Separates financial policies from existing document:

The intent of this amendment is to create an official financial policy. It has been created, and this moves the relevant portions .

This proposal, and the subsequent proposals under Change 4, remove specific financial policy language from the Carolingian Policy document and place them in the new Carolingian Financial Policy document.

These will be voted on as 4.A, 4.B, 4.C, etc.

Proposal 4.A


Section I. Officers.

C. Every officer and guild head is entitled to a $50 per year stipend to spend on the office’s or guild’s needs. Receipts must be turned in to the exchequer for reimbursement.


Section I. Officers.

C. Officer and guild stipends are covered in the financial policy.

Proposal 4.B


Section II. Committees

Carolingia has a standing Finance Committee in accordance with East Kingdom Law.

The Finance Committee is made up of at least the Seneschal, the Exchequer, and the Baronage.

The Finance Committee must have an odd number of members. If necessary, the seneschal will appoint an additional member to the Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Seneschal


Section II. Committees

Carolingia has a standing Finance Committee in accordance with the East Kingdom Financial Policies.

Proposal 4.C


Section IV. Events


C.1. Any changes to the event budget shall be submitted to the Finance Committee, when possible and appropriate, before being implemented.

F. The Autocrat is solely responsible for documenting financial expenditures for the event.

G. The Autocrat is to turn over receipts (or clear copies of receipts) for expenditures for the event to the Baronial Exchequer within two weeks after the event closes.


Renumber the remaining items.

Add new

F. Autocrats will abide by the financial policies concerning events.

Proposal 4.C



E. Disbursement of moneys will be in accordance with East Kingdom and Society law and financial policy.


Disbursement of moneys will be in accordance with the financial policy.

Proposal 4.D

This removes language from the Carolingian Policies and places it in the Carolingian Financial Policies. There is no proposed language to add to the Carolingian Policies in its place.


F. The Beneficium Committee is permitted to disperse up to $500 a year. To disperse more than that sum will require permission from the Seneschal and Great Council.

Symon: This removes a lot of oversight, as this places these items solely under the finance committee, with no oversight.

Eadgyth: As of last night, there is a proposal to add a section to the policies: Financial policy:
This adds great council discussion to changes by the financial committee.

Ysabel: This takes control of stipends away from the council.

The items have to be discussed with the council.

But not control.

Donato: Any changes could be edited back out by the finance committee.

Frithuric: The alternative is to require a vote of great council for non-admin changes.

Amendment 5

This proposed amendment defines the terms of office the same as officer and guildheads and includes how to remove them.

Proposal 5.A

Section VII.A.1.b.II.


Companions of each Order should hold at least two meetings annually, at one of which the Order Principal for the coming year shall be elected by acclamation of the Order. Discussion of new candidates for the Order may be held at these times.


Companions of each Order should hold at least two meetings annually to discuss candidates and other order business, such as special projects choosing a principal.

Proposal 5.B

Section I.F.1


Terms of office are three years for guild heads and officers


The terms of office apply equally to all guild heads, officers, and polling order principals. The terms officers will refer to all three for the remainder of this section.

Proposal 5.C

Then insert this as I.F.2 (bumping all remaining items down 1).

Section I.F.2 The term of office is three years.

Proposal 5.D

Change the wording for the rest of Section I.F to replace “a guild head or officer” with just “an officer” instead of expanding to “a guild head, polling order principal, or officer.”

Proposal 5.E

Section I.G.3


Guild heads, event Autocrats, and baronial officers who do not report to a kingdom or regional officer can be removed by the baronial seneschal if deemed necessary.


Guild heads, Event Autocrats, Order Principals, and Baronial Officers who do not report to a Kingdom or Regional Officer can be removed by the Baronial Seneschal if deemed necessary.

Guild principal terms: Order heads the current and proposed language is there.

The principals of various orders are cool with it.

Eadgyth: Maybe just add it to the definitions instead of individual sections. That will go out to the e-mail list.

Changes need to be to Aaradyn within 24 hours. They will be published by Wednesday. Vote will be at may council. Discussion must happen on the e-mail list, not on Facebook.

Katla: Please establish 1 e-mail thread per amendment.

General announcements: