Great Council Minutes Nov AS LVII (2022) 7:30 PM

Great Council Minutes Nov AS LVII (2022) 7:30 PM

Coronets Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman:

His excellency is representing the baronetcy. The heavy list championship was held at fighter practice during October. Fighters and list runners and so forth were present. Wilhelm Hamelroarke, a farrier, is the new Champion. Thank you to Valerian for his service at the championship and over the past years. The champion’s sword has been repaired and returned.

Their excellencies travelled to Crown to support carolingian fighters. Several of whom advanced to the round of 16.


Seneschal Lady Aaradyn Gyoot

Masking requests after Nov 30th must go through Aaradyn to Kingdom. Requests for Framingham practice and War Memorial Practice have been submitted.  
I am here to listen if you have any comments.

Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers: Lord Thorvald Olafsson Kveld-Hrútssonar

No Report

Secretary Lord Donato Favro

No Report

Chancellor of the Exchequer Kara Irini bin Todori

No Report

Chancellor Minor Theo of Carolingia 
No Report

Chatelaine Master Justin de Coeur

Please keep pointing new individuals in my direction. We talked with many people at fighter practice that contains the championships.

Golden Gryphon Pursuivant Richard Heyworth:

No Report

Gold Key Lady Ysabel da Costa

No Report

Knight Marshal Valerian of Somerset

Fighting continues Wednesdays and some Sundays. Masks are required on Wedensdays until the end of november. Thank you to those at the practice/championships. 19 combatants.

Minister of Arts & Sciences Meisterin Cathain Ritter

No Report

Web Minister Magister Symon of Barnesdale

No Report

Chronicler Master Gunðormr Dengir:

No Report

Dance Lady Aelia Fortunata

I have, unfortunately, been very busy this fall, so no dance. Things should resume in the spring.

Historian Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy of Alewife Brook

Liber Editor Lord Orlando dei Medici

Marshal Fence Lord Zohane Faber

Marshal Archery Master Peter the Red Arlyanna speaking.
Thanks to the barony for defending Carlisle practice from the spiders and ticks. Archery practice continues, both scheduled on Sundays, and by appointment.

Tasha Medvedya Speaking for central region Combat Archery. I will be looking at an armor and ammo assembly workshop at a maker space in Nashua (possibly crossbow assy as well). I will be touring the space this Thursday night. If you are interested, let me know via email ( or facebook. If you want to fight for your kingdom, but don’t want to get hit (much) combat archery is the way to go.
This will likely be in early 2023. 

There is an individual in southern region putting together a siege weapon as well, who is going to need a crew.

Marshal Thrown Weapons Lady Dierdre Greenwode

No Report

Minister of the Lists Lord Trentus Nubianus

No Report

Steward Lord Zohane Faber
I am still looking for a replacement. Please let me know if you’re interested. Ideally moving things out in the spring.

Clerk of the Stable Etain ingen Ut Neill

No Report

Social Media Officer Lady Caterina Genevra Beltrami

No Report

Principals of Baronial Orders 

Order of the Daystar Lord Guinemar d’Anglade

If you see anyone who deserves induction into the order for service, please recommend them to the order. You do not need to be a member of the order to make recommendations.

Order of the Moon Lady Eleanor Catling:

Meeting this coming Thursday at 7:30.

If you see anyone who deserves induction into the order for A&S, please recommend them to the order. You do not need to be a member of the order to make recommendations.

Order of Perseus Lord Pandaulf:

If you see anyone who deserves induction into the order for martial activities, please recommend them to the order. You do not need to be a member of the order to make recommendations.

Congratulations to Lord Thorvald, the newest member of the order.

Order of the Comet Theo of Carolingia

If you see any youth who deserves induction into the order please recommend them to the Youth Minister. You do not need to be a member of the order to make recommendations.


Low Company Master Justin du Coeur


Calligraphers Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot:


Continuing to meet most monday nights. There has been some inquiry from potential new members to the society. The Waytes will be playing at a Renaissance ball at Arisia, if everything goes forward.

Company of Bowmen: Baroness Arlyanavan Wyck


50 Year: The fifty year team has met and put together a basic budget. Falling leaves is generally around 5-6000, for 50 year the plan is for $7000. This is the upper limit, and it may be lower. The line item budget will be shown to the finance council. Maximum price for a member will be $30 for the weekend. September 9th and 10th. The hope is that this will be a royal progress. We are hoping to bid for EK Equestrian Championships. We have done Equestrian champs at falling leaves previously. Eadgyth: I would prefer to have Carolingia 50 year be a celebration of Carolingia, not a championship. Patience: In my experience, a royal progress is only guaranteed when a championship or similar is present.

Eadgyth: There are so many obligatory RPs in the east (7 championships, half a dozen coronet changes, Cornation, Crown Tourney, 12th night), that their weekends get eaten.
Katla: That was part of the reason we were thinking about a championship. Equestrian championships are usually smaller.

Frithutic: It should not be necessary to trap them, and it might be simpler just to talk to their Majesties, and see if they are interested without the championship. Their current majesties asked for more royal progresses.
Tasha: I understand people saying we shouldn’t have to trap them. But there are also relatively few places where Equestrian events can happen, which makes falling leaves a good choice for it. Especially since most of the equestrians are around this area.  
Ysabel: Her majesty is attending St. Elegius this weekend, without an obligatory event, so it does happen.

Eadgyth: Hosting a kingdom champions tournament means we are splitting the events proceeds.  
Katla: That site routinely makes money, so we aren’t especially worried about making a profit.
Katla: No (or very limited) camping. No fire. Dry site. 

Pandaulf: Without camping, I strongly recommend a day rate.

Should we vote about Equestrian now or vote in December?
Patience: Happy to delay vote.
Donato: It might be a good idea to feel out their highnesses about their desire to attend.
Katla: The question to vote on in Dec. are should we bid on Equestrian championships, and should we attempt to make it a royal progress?

Eadgyth: An RP without a kingdom event does not currently include a profit share split. The RP 80/20 has been put on hold again.  
Aaradyn: Vote on these questions will be held in December.

General announcements: 

Eowyn: It’s election day tomorrow. Go vote.
Aelia for Justin: Arisia is planned to happen, which means there will be a renaissance ball. Please feel free to come out for it.

Intercon is being planned, let me know if you’re going.