Spring Tidings from the Coronets

Spring Tidings from the Coronets

Carrissimi Carolingiani!

The East Kingdom is once again bursting with flowers as the weather creeps slowly towards warmth. The plague remains among us but we continue on as we hurry slowly towards the new normalcy. We plan, we hope, and we anticipate.

Who among our Carolingian fighters will see letters of intent accepted to the list and compete at next month’s crown tournament? What honor and glory will our fighters find in our new Gryphon and Rose Tournaments here or across the greater Kingdom? What victories will they find within themselves at practices from Framingham to North Reading?

What mischief and artistry will the fencers of Carolingia bring into being? What new leaps from illustrated page to physical expression will they find? Who among them will compete on June 10th and become our new Carolingian Champion of Rapier.

What are our artisans creating in their sanctified spaces that will soon burst forth as garments, material goods, performance, or research?

What has been hibernating in Carolingia that will soon be ready to wake?

These are the questions We are asking ourselves as we look forward to all of these things and plan for Otters Welcome on May 20, 2023, Caroligian Rapier Champs and Central Region Practice on June 10, 2023, and Carolingia 50 Year September 10-11, 2023. There is much labor before us but the future is looking splendid.

We hope to see your faces, and new faces, at these coming events and around the Kingdom at large. We have no dream without you. Come and play.

Al Suo Servizio,

Frithuric e Fiore

Barone e Baronessa di Carolinigia