Baronial Meeting Minutes – December 5, 2016

Please contact the Secretary at with any questions or corrections.

 1.  Officer Announcements

  • Chatelaine: Aaradyn Ghyoot

The Chatelaine report for the Barony was sent in to Kingdom on time.  We also had a newcomer from Otter’s Welcome come to dance practice!

  • Thrown Weapons: Asher de Lincolia

The Thrown Weapons Marshal position will be taken over in January by Lord Symon of Barnesdale.  Due to weather, the thrown weapons ranges in Carlisle and Framingham are closed until the spring.

2.  Guild Announcements

  • Dance: Gundormr Dengin (standing in)

Carolingia’s dance practices have finished for the season.  Practices will resume on Thursday, March 2nd at the Presentation School.  Quintavia’s next practice will be Tuesday, December 6th.  There will also be dancing at The Feast of St. Nicholas in Queen Elizabeth’s Court this Saturday, December 10th.

  • Calligraphers: Gundormr Dengin (standing in)

Thank you to all those who came out to our scribal field trips!  There will be no December meeting for the Guild.  The next meeting will be on Sunday, January 22nd, topic to be determined.  For those interested in going back to the exhibits, BC closes this week; the Houghton exhibit has been extended for one week; and the Gardner Museum exhibit will remain open until mid-January.

  • Fencing: Aiden McShane

The fencing demo at Arisia will be at 10:30 am on Saturday this year.  This is not scheduled next to dance as it was last year.

  • Jongleurs (Quire): Eowyn Eilonwy

The Quire is trying to change to two practices each month.  The next practice for the Quire will be Monday, December 12th at 8:30pm at Vis & Mara’s house in Dorchester, focusing on seasonal music.  Due to the upcoming holiday, there will not be practice on December 26th.

  • Philosophers: Eowyn Eilonwy

In meetings past, I proposed having meetings with the Barony populace to discuss future amendments to the Baronial by-laws.  I am in negotiations with the Canton of Aschehyrst to have these meetings alongside their rapier practice, and am planning to have local meetings in the Canton of the Towers as well.

3.  Events/Proposals

  • Seneschal of Aschehyrst: Raziya bint Rusa

The local heavy list and rapier practice in Framingham has been running in the red recently.  The site costs $220 per month, which allows us a cheaper rate for weekly use.  To break even, we should be taking in about $55 in donations each week.  On average, we’re taking in about $37 in donations weekly.  We did make a profit of about $150 running the regional fencing practice.  Until now, Karl has been paying for the site out of pocket.  We have a plan to make back the deficit within about 1 year, then push back toward breaking even in the future.  This plan includes running normal weekly practices, continue doing fencing regional practices (scheduled for 3 this coming year), and begin monthly teaching clinics with rotating instructors.  There will be a medium size heavy list teaching event in March and an armor repair and demi-gauntlet making clinic with Sir Edward.  Council carries the motion for $500 with an additional $500 if needed after reevaluation after the New Year.

  • Coronation: Thomas of Effingham

I would like to put in a bid for their Highnesses’ upcoming coronation on April 1, 2017.  I have been in contact with all relevant parties, and their Highnesses have expressed interest in having the event at the German Club.  I estimate this budget would be $2,400 at the German Club, including feast costs.  Due to the size constraints of this site, I have included the rental cost of outdoor heaters in the budget for this event.  Estimated price would be $10 at estimated 225 people attending with 100 person feast.  The motion carries with council pending approval by the Finance Committee.

  • Autocrat’s Colloquium: Aurelia Rufinia (standing in)

We did lose about $160 at this event, but the presentations were great and a good time was had by all!

  • Laurel’s Prize Tourney: Aurelia Rufinia (standing in)

We have 24 challenges (soon to be 25), please consider taking up a challenge this winter!  This event will be on March 25, 2017 in Medfield.  For more information on the challenges, please visit!

  • Company of Bowmen Shoot: Erica Schlain

Site confirmation is on hold per annual board review by the site.  This event is scheduled for May 20, 2017.

  • Battle of the Five Armies: Aurelia Rufinia (standing in)

This event will be a camping event on August 25-27, 2017 at the Camp Resolute Boy Scout Camp in Bolton, MA.  I’ve continued recruiting people to help run things. I’ve had interest in Rapier, Thrown Weapons, and Registration (Thank you Carolingia for finding me volunteers in all three of those categories!). I’m especially interested in getting a couple more people signed on to help run things in the kitchen: Head Cooks, cleanup crew, and servers. Our Shire Webminister is working a website for the event, once we have our Registrar and the website skeleton, we’ll put the event up on the EK website. I did check to see whether the site allows dogs, and unfortunately, the answer is no. If anyone else has questions or would like to help volunteer, please contact me.

  • Falling Leaves in Exile: Thomas of Effingham

I will have an update on the status of the site after January.

  • Baronial Archery & Thrown Weapons Championships: Erica Schlain

There are no updates at this time.

4.  SCA Announcements

  • Eowyn Eilonwy: The next meeting of the Storytellers Guild will be on Monday, December 19th at Sir Michael’s house from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Food will be provided.
  • Eowyn Eilonwy: Buttery New Year will be from sundown on December 31st through noonish on January 1st. Food and drink are welcome, no bad beer or hard liquor!  If you are staying over, please bring your own bedding.
  • Aurelia Rufinia: Some of the awards given at Yule were: Asher de Lincolia received his Award of Arms and Aiden McShane received ochre.
  • Eowyn Eilonwy: At the Barony of the Bridge’s birthday event, the lost will of Kenric the First was found!

5.  From the Seneschal

  • I know that recent events have affected countless people across the country, and these are uncertain times. Regardless, Carolingia is our home and this is a safe haven.  If you see anyone causing trouble or making others feel uncomfortable, please get in touch with me.
  • Next council meeting will be Monday, January 9th.