Council Minutes – Sept. 9, 2019

Seneschal of the Barony of Carolingia: Kassandra says, welcome to September! … many taps of the gavel … Come on, people!  We have a lot to get through tonight, including a discussion of the bylaws.

Officers of the Barony:

  • Seneschal of the Canton of Aschehyrst (dormant): This is Dierdre’s last report; she turns over the keys and contracts to the Seneschal.  Fighter practice and craft night will continue; the Canton is happily retired, unless and until someone wants to revive it in the future.  Thank you for your Service — Yay!
  • Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers:  Ivan reports that they will be having their business meeting soon.
  • Chatelaine:  Aaradyn looks forward to seeing new people at Falling Leaves.
  • Chronicler:  Baron Kendrick del Grenewode: the minuscule was posted today, and the picture on the front page is legal, really.
  • Clerk of the Stable:  Please, someone, anyone, relieve Eadgyth in this position.
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer:  Orlando says we still have money.
  • Golden Gryphon: talk to Anezka about submitting a device if you wish.
  • Historian:  Eowyn reports that we have had a donation of historical stuff; consider donating your documents.
  • Marshal of Fence: Don Lupold would like to turn over his duties to Zohane, who would love to have more stuff in his basement.
  • Marshal of Archery:  Arlyana (speaking for Peter the Red) says that there will be an Archery championship at Falling Leaves.
  • Marshal of Thrown Weapons:  Symon of Barnesdale says that people are showing up and having fun.
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences:  Caitrona says the A&S Championship for the Barony will be held at Falling Leaves this weekend.  Craft night is working on favors for Fortune and Margarita.
  • Secretary: Ysabel says nothing at this time, as usual.
  • Steward: Lord Zohane Farber says that you should ask him if you need stuff for Falling Leaves.
  • Webminister:  Symon says we have a web site, keep him updated. NB: if you are a court herald, consider Cc’ing Symon on your court reports.

Principals of the Baronial Orders:  

  • Moon:  Lord Gundormr Dengir says there is a polling in progress, please respond!  We will meet after Council in November to choose a new Principal.

Representatives of the Guilds and Activities:

  • Cooks Guild:  Zohane says the Guild will meet October 13.
  • Jongleurs (Waytes):  Ysabel da Costa reports that the Waytes have just resumed after their summer vacation; they will play for dancing at Falling Leaves.  She is also looking for a meeting place for the nascent Trumpet Corps; meetings would take place about one a month and might benefit from piggybacking on an existing meeting or activity, preferably one in the northern or western suburbs.  Wednesday fighter practice is suggested.
  • Low Company:  Symon (speaking for Justin du Coeur) says there will be a meeting Sunday the 22nd.
  • Needleworkers Guild:  Fiore says this Guild will meet Sept. 26 at her place, dinner provided.


  • Falling Leaves:  Orlando says that dayboard needs some help.  Who can pick up stuff from the steward?  Baron Thomas volunteers.  Dayboard also needs fridge space for a few days; speak to Orlando afterward.  Eleanor is running gate, you can speak to her if you want to volunteer or need to register.  Dreda says nobody has asked to compete for Baronial performance champion; Orlando expresses interest.  Other competitions will be archery, fencing, and A&S.  Please volunteer for stuff!
  • Otter’s Welcome: Patience says the tentative scheduled date is May 16.  Site will be the charter school in Tyngsboro mentioned at a previous Council.   Last OW had well over 200 people, and the site can accommodate that number and more.  Talk to Patience if you want to hold an activity at OW; she would like to encourage people to organize something that is new for them.  Advertising for the event is discussed.  Kassandra proposes that the contracts for event and the other event that is interested in the charter school site (see below) be negotiated together.


  • Proposal 1:  Leonete (with Fiore) proposes to create a new Baronial youth award, the “Order of the Comet”, for those age 12 and under who serve the Barony.  Proposed heraldry is displayed.  The age limit is discussed; a flexible limit, at the discretion of Their Excellencies, is suggested and agreed upon.  Gundormr ask if this will be a polling order?  No, the Chancellor Minor will be the Principal of the Order to start with, and further language is in the proposal, which is attached to these Minutes.  Fiore adds that this will help make the Barony welcoming to families with children.  A few clarifications of the language are suggested by those in attendance.  Kassandra says we have until the 23rd to continue the discussion.
  • Proposal 2:  Eowyn proposes a cleanup of the bylaws.  There is much redundant language and some transcription errors.  She proposed to combine the statutes for the three (existing) Baronial orders, omitting repeated sections.  This would shrink the bylaws to make them less daunting to read.  Kassandra says the bylaws are horrible to read and much too long, and enthusiastically endorses her proposal, as do several others.
  • After the 23rd, Kendrick will put out a Special Legal Issue of the Minuscule, and voting on the new Bylaws will take place at the following Council.


  • Baron Thomas says we need to be off site for Falling Leaves promptly at 7 PM this time.  Really.
  • For Spring, Baroness Raziya proposes a Kingdom-level A&S event, the “East Kingdom Arts and Scholars Exhibition”.  Not a competition nor an EK University, it will be an event to encourage people to participate in A&S: how to do A&S things, with display space and gatherings for people to get feedback from their subcommunities.  Kira is willing to autocrat and two potential deputy autocrats have put forth their names.  Site could be the aforementioned charter school in Towers, but cost needs to be agreed upon.  Kingdom suggests that this might be a travelling event, held in several locations in rotation.  Date would be the middle weekend of April (April 18), rather close to Otters Welcome (May 16), but Kingdom would be contributing to the organization.  About 110 – 120 people are anticipated.  Kassandra says, what do you need from us?  Raziya replies, approval of concept, which she receives by a show of hands.
  • Linnet del Grenewode wants to re-organize Carolingia’s chapter of the Soothsayers’ Guild (an EK guild), and has obtained permission of the previous guildhead.  The assembled Council makes incoherent sounds of approval.
  • Arlyana, speaking for Peter the Red, discusses the transition of the Company of Bowman to its new Captain, with a ceremony to possibly take place at Falling Leaves.
  • Kassandra talks about the Autocrat Salon to be held Sunday October 13, place and time TBA (perhaps tea-time).  
  • Eowyn says that Isabel will be holding a Newcomers’ Night this coming Wednesday.
  • Kassandra says, it’s Bethany’s birthday and we’re all going for ice cream!  Meeting adjourned!

Appendix: Proposed changes to the Bylaws

Order of the Comet of Carolingia Proposal. This proposal would create a new award in Carolingia, celebrating excellence in Carolingia’s children – of the age of 15 or under, or at the discretion of the Baron and/or Baroness . It is a non-polling order, granted by the Baron and/or Baroness with consultation from the Chancellor Minor and Seneschal. It is designed with the Chancellor Minor as the defacto Principal until such a time as several members of the Order are over 16, at which point the Order will choose its Principal. — Proposed by Signora Fiore and Mistress Leonete.

Bylaws Organization Proposal. This proposal would combine the three current Baronial Order subsections in the Bylaws into one, making it shorter to read, as well as correcting a few transcription errors (listed in the document). It would also place the current orders, all of which are polling orders, under section A, leaving the possibility of a section B for a new non-polling order with different privileges and responsibilities. — Proposed by Mistress Eowyn.